Self-Love for your Inner Child

A 4-week course

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You should take this course if you want to:


  • discover and connect with your inner child

  • bring more play and joy into your life

  • join other folks who identify with women's communities who are interested in personal development

  • let go of the idea that there is something wrong with you

  • shed shame and guilt from past behaviors

  • drop the idea that you have to do everything right

  • improve self-awareness and self-knowledge

  • learn how to listen to yourself

  • transform your inner-critic into a loving, supportive voice

  • build your self-esteem and gain self-confidence 

  • begin to truly love and accept your sweet self

What you'll get...

4 Live Zoom Calls with Group Coaching and Journaling

We will meet weekly for 90 minutes. You'll get 4 live, group coaching sessions filled with journaling prompts, deep connection, and meaningful insights.

One Individual Coaching session

This course includes an hour-long individual coaching session where we focus specifically on connecting with your inner child.

Small Group

The small group setting will be a safe place to meet folks who identify with women's community who also want to cultivate self-love for their inner child. Max. 10 participants

Simple "Homeplay"

"Homeplay" instead of homework! You'll receive simple suggestions that will help you practice connecting with your inner child throughout the week.

Community Support

Access to a small, private Wide Awake Recovery What'sApp community.

Content Recordings

The sessions are not recorded in order to preserve the intimacy of the group, so if you miss a class, I'll send you a recording of the course teachings.

Course Outline

Module 1

Connecting to Little You

Module 2

Listening to What Your

Inner Child Needs

Module 3

Let's Play: A Self-Love Journey

Module 4

A Promise to Your Inner Child

What people say about my courses:

"Cybele's course opened up my eyes. I loved the group setting to not only discuss how I walk through life but how others approach their challenges. When I started the course I was overwhelmed and frustrated and now I have clarity and tools in my back pocket!" - Erin K.


"This was the first time in my life I began to speak to myself kindly! When I started the course I was still struggling with seeking outside assurance and now I am learning to cultivate a kind inner voice that soothes me. One thing I would tell a friend about the course is that it is so worth it!" - Sarah S.

"When I started the course I was more unconscious about the framework of scarcity that was shaping my thinking, and now I notice that I question that framework and shift to one of abundance consciously." - Josie A.

"This course gave me exactly the insights I needed at a pace I could really comprehend and absorb. I was so happy to work in tandem with other women who were searching for better self-regulation strategies; hearing their perspectives made my own experiences more clear. I felt so heard and held inside the format. I am truly grateful that Cybele has created an offering that gives a lot of space to the participants rather than lecturing on practices that are difficult to grasp without some deep personal reflection." - Sheena V.

"I did not have boundaries and I am noticing I am making progress in setting them now. I have learned that writing my thoughts and feelings down is beneficial. Doing this course over several weeks allows you to practice what you learn in between sessions." - Cindy S.

"Before this group, I was immobilized by my fear of showing up vulnerably and being seen. Now I am starting to notice that while I am still afraid and self-critical, I am able to sit with it and am learning to find little ways to grow my confidence and faith in myself by taking small, brave steps. The critical voice in my head, always telling me I am the only one who thinks/feels this way, and says I should go hide, is the same voice in many other people's heads, too. One thing I would tell a friend about the course is you will get out what you put in. Drop the facade, acts, and gimmicks, and just show up with an exposed heart. In a group like this is where growth and healing can happen." - Saida J.


You deserve to build your capacity for true self-love and bring spark and joy into your life.