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Sundays or Wednesdays 1-2 pm ET
 Here’s a time zone converter to find when we will meet online in your part of the world
Attend once or twice a week - it's up to you!

On the first Sunday and Wednesday of the month,
I'll teach a recorded class based on that month's theme.
Over the following three weeks, we will meet to discuss how the theme is
showing up in our lives.
Live, online group coaching includes journaling prompts and downloadable pdfs.
Enjoy free access to all recordings (classes will be recorded; group coaching sessions won't be recorded to protect the intimacy of the group). 
Pay month by month or for the full experience.

Cybele Botran, M.Ed, CPC, CPRC, SRCD
Little Cybele circa 1974

Hello. I'm Cybele, and I'm glad you're here.

I am excited to tell you about reparenting, a way to experience next-level emotional freedom.

What is reparenting? Reparenting is a beautiful method of recovery where you practice deeply listening inside and giving your most tender self what she needs.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, insecure, and it's hard to set boundaries, I get it.

I also know that since you're here, you're wondering if it's possible to be at peace inside yourself.

Perhaps you've never done inner child work, but you're curious. Maybe you're looking for a way to feel more self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-love. 

I love watching women transform their lives by accessing their most tender selves. That's why I designed R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T., a unique group coaching experience.

Join me on a journey where we will meet weekly, online, for an incredible self-healing experience. 

Pay month to month or save by purchasing the eight months in full.

I can't wait to see you inside R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T.

Join a small group of peers dedicated to healing our past and letting go of old misunderstandings. Together, we will explore ways of caring for ourselves through reparenting to provide protection, guidance & nurturance to our most tender selves and rise to gain next-level emotional freedom.

Inside REPARENT, you will transform your relationship with yourself. You will learn how to meet your needs for safety, love, and belonging by protecting, guiding, and nurturing yourself.

Sharing in an intimate group of peers helps you connect to yourself.
You don’t have to do this work alone.

R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T. includes

  • Monthly themes covering topics related to reparenting from a holistic perspective

  • Live reparenting class taught on the first Sunday and Wednesday of the month

  • Weekly live 60-minute group coaching sessions related to the monthly theme

  • Journal prompts and exercises during live sessions focused on the monthly theme

  • Self-paced downloadable PDFs related to each monthly theme

  • Free access to ALL recordings during the course

R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T. Monthly Themes

Reimagine - October

Ease - November

Protect - December

Align - January

Renew - February

Elevate - March

Nurture - April

Trust - May

Program Schedule

In this webinar we will cover


  1. What if I've never done inner child work? No problem! This is a gentle introduction to reparenting.

  2. Will we be doing deep trauma work?  I understand that the presence of past trauma shows up in our current experiences. It is important to get support around trauma from a licensed professional. If feelings about the past surface, as a certified coach, I will use coaching strategies to partner with you to explore how you want to move forward.

  3. What is reparenting? Reparenting is a beautiful method of recovery where you practice deeply listening inside and giving your most tender self what she needs.

  4. Who is R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T. for? The group coaching experience is open to all women (trans and cis) and nonbinary people who identify with women's communities.

  5. Do I have to be sober to join? It is not required to be alcohol or substance-free; however, for the group's safety, I ask that you don't show up to the group intoxicated.

  6. Do I have to share? Talking and sharing are 100% up to you.

  7. Will all sessions be recorded?  Each month I release a recording of the content of the course (the teachings). The group coaching sessions will not be recorded to preserve the intimacy of the group.

  8. What if I miss a class? The teaching session will be recorded, so if you miss that month's class, you'll have access to the recordings during the 8-month course.

  9. Will there be a lot of homework? How much time outside of the group coaching sessions will this take me? I don't assign homework - I suggest "homeplay" which is an integration process, such as: notice your thoughts this week, etc.

  10. How do you pronounce your name? Cybele is pronounced SUH-Bell; it rhymes with Michelle or Miguel.


Are you ready to once and for all let go and start really loving your life?




If your heart is saying YES then you're exactly where you need to be.


By joining REPARENT, you will learn how to be at peace with the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future. You will practice nurturing, protecting, and guiding your most tender self. You'll practice regulating your nervous system,  integrating a new and more compassionate way of being with yourself, and embodying love, safety, and belonging.

REPARENT is a coaching container that includes twice-weekly live group coaching calls on Zoom, access to a community space (a secondary space to ask for and offer additional support to the group), downloadable pdfs with journaling prompts, and “homeplay” (instead of homework), content recordings of the monthly teachings, and a 1:1 coaching call with me. Each session includes intention setting, journaling, sharing, coaching, reflections, and an energetic “up and out.”

Let's do this. Together.

about me

Cybele Botran, M.Ed, CPC, CPRC, SRCD (she/her) is a SHE RECOVERS® and Holistic Coach who works with sober or sober curious women who want to let go of people-pleasing and perfectionism, build brave boundaries, and rediscover their inner child. She offers individual 1:1 coaching, classes, and workshops and is the creator of R.E.P.A.R.E.N.T., a unique online group coaching experience. Her coaching practice encourages women to look inside and connect with their most tender selves. She stopped drinking alcohol in 2011, is the mother of three adult children, and lives in Miami, Florida, with her husband of 30+ years.

My Education


Anna Lembke - Standford Professor of Psychiatry and Researcher, Author of Dopamine Nation (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Deb Dana - LCSW specialized in complex trauma and Polyvagal Theory (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Devin Young - Author, Speaker, and Founder of Black Therapists Rock (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Ester Nicholson - Author, Teacher, Speaker, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator (Finding Forgiveness Workshop, She Recovers LA Conference, 2018)

Gabor Maté - expert on addiction, trauma, stress, illness, and childhood development (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Glennon Doyle - Author, activist, podcaster, feminist, philanthopist and Abby Wambach - Olympic gold medalist, author, activist, feminist, podcaster, (Find Your Truest Life Weekend Workshop, Omega Institute, 2018)

Laura Mckowen - author, podcaster, and inspirational sobriety expert (Kripalu 2019 The Bigger Yes - Finding Your Soul’s Deepest Callings, 7.5 hours)

Richard Shwartz - Harvard Psychiatry Faculty and Creator of Internal Family Systems (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Shari Hampton - Certified Life & Recovery Coach,Consultant, Found of Served up Sober (Healing Recovery Spaces - An Anti-Racism Training, 2021)

Stephen Porges - Creator of Polyvagal Theory (The Global Exchange Conference, 2022)

Tara Brach - meditation teacher, psychologist, teacher, and author (Kripalu 2019 Radical Acceptance: Healing and Freeing our Hearts, 10 CE Credits)

Symposiums & Conferences

SHE RECOVERS Symposium for Healing Professionals, Miami, 2022 

Global Exchange Conference - Addiction, Wellness, Mental Health, Leadership, Orlando 2022



Mother Hunger Facilitator Training
Kelly McDaniel, LPC, NCC

Mother Hunger Level I Facilitator Training  for clinicians or coaches to offer Mother Hunger Groups or Workshops. 

2020 - present

ACC and PCC Levels

Continuing Education Program

Holistic Coach Training Institute

The Holistic Coach Certification Program, ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accredited. Comprehensive coach-specific certification program preparation for ICF ACC and PCC credentialed Coach. Comprehensive Holistic Coach Continuing Education Program for professional-level coaching skills updated ICF core competency model and coaching supervision around real-life coaching experiences.


SHE RECOVERS®  Foundation

SHE RECOVERS® Coach Designation program. SHE RECOVERS® Foundation stated purpose is to connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. It is a non-profit public charity with a growing community currently consisting of more than 325,000 women in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders, other behavioral health issues and/or life challenges.


CPRC Dual Program
The International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)

Certified Professional Coach Training (CPC/ Life Coaching) and Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) Program with a Specialty in Addiction Recovery.100 Hours of training towards a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Professional Recovery Coach.


Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Teaching Credential

University of California, Los Angeles

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Master of Education degree. The M.Ed. Degree program is designed for professional positions in schooling or for advanced professional graduate study.