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If you’re a woman who wants a

wide awake recovery




Are you ready to 

  • let go of the idea that there is something wrong with you?

  • release old stories of unworthiness?

  • get rid of your remorse from past drinking?

  • stop worrying about being a good mom?

  • feel OK even if you're the only sober person in your home?

  • set healthy boundaries with kindness and ease?

  • connect with others without abandoning yourself?

  • listen and be listened to?

  • gain self-confidence and ask for what you want?

  • transform your inner-critic to a loving, supportive voice?

  • awaken to the magnificent joy that lives inside you?

  • learn to truly love and accept your beautiful self?

Meet Cybele

Certified Recovery Coach 

Hi, I’m Cybele 

I am an expert at helping women like you. You're trying so hard and wondering, is this as good as it gets? You're running around trying to make everything perfect and exhausted from it all. You've decided to live alcohol-free and still feel stressed and haunted by guilt. You crave peace and serenity and you're ready to create a meaningful life. I help women crush their shame, keep their eyes on their own recovery, and bring deep meaning and joy into their lives. There is so much freedom in recovery and I am passionate about getting you there.

I would love to help you gain






Purple Blossom

Are you ready to change the stories you tell yourself?

Are you ready to change your relationships?

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

Your journey starts here


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“After working with Cybele, I felt balanced, empowered, and full of gratitude. Coaching with her was such a powerful and simple way to find out exactly what I needed! I began to understand the true meaning of self-care”

— Cristina R.

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“Cybele is a compassionate listener, a caring person, and an incredible coach. She knows how to dig deep into those unresolved issues and has a natural gift for helping people. Cybele is a true beacon of light and helps others find theirs.”

— Mary M.

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